It is not about horses, it is about showing off

By Polina Vezhan

The Derby is one of five classics that are the cornerstones of Flat racing in England. It remains the race that everyone wants to win, as horses and riders push themselves to the limit around the unique and challenging course. It has had a long and remarkable history:

The Derby festival was my first event in England that took  me a few days to get ready for. Giving the fact that most of our readers are even less experienced in attending these kind of events, here are some tips, if you are intending to explore  horse racing.

Dress smartly

Fashion is everything. It is not just about horses. It is about showing off.
For a lady it is as important as the wedding. You have to decide what dress to choose and then spend a week running across London in order to buy a hat that would match it.

Investec Derby Festival 2010. Photo credit: Polina Vezhan

For a gentleman it is also a question of being smartly dressed up. In the Queen’s stand for instance you won’t be allowed in without wearing a mourning suit.
The first day of the festival is called Investec Ladies day. That is when the beauty is fully blossomed.

Photo by Polina Vezhan

Wear comfortable shoes

Even though you are allowed to sit down right on the ground,  many people prefer to stand as the dresses are far too expensive to mark them with the green spots.

Photo by Polina Vezhan

That is why the more comfortable shoes you wear the less disappointed your feet will be by the end of the all day long show




Be ready to greet the Queen

As she might be right next to you as it happened with me. I thank my press badge that  allowed me to move between al the premises including the Queen’s Stand

The Queen. Photo by Polina Vezhan

Listen to the right man when betting

When I did my bets my tactics let me down – I was going for the riders who are cute or wear nice colour jackets. Well, guys, it was all wrong! I realized that, when it was late as I already lost 80 pounds. At the same time the gentleman standing next to me won few bets as he knew what horses and riders were the most experienced.

The winner of the main race. The Derby Day. Photo by P.Vezhan

This year The Investec Derby Festival is set over two days on Friday 3rd June and Saturday 4th June 2011. It is about time you got ready to explore one more side of the British culture

Video credit: Investec (

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