Let’s ‘rabbit and pork’ or a few words about Cockney

By Polina Vezhan

It is difficult to believe that instead of the word stairs you can say apples and pears and people in London would understand you. It is called Cockneyisms. Many people mistakenly tend to believe that Cockney is an accent. Some people say it is rather a vulgar format of the British English language which is also not entirely true. In fact it is a dialect with its very characteristic features. Where is my London team is happy to share everything we manage to find out about that with the readers.

St Mary-le-Bow Church (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The slang is generally associated with the working class from East End. It is also said the true Cockney individual must be born within hearing distance of the bells of Saint Mary le Bow Church of London.

The slang has a distinctive pronunciation and many grammatical features. The letter t often disappears from words. For example, water becomes wa’er and city becomes ci’y. The letter h is often dropped at the beginning of words. For example, house becomes ‘ouse. (more…)

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