The Lost River

by Polina Vezhan

Contemporary London has hidden few rivers from its visitors. And even locals often are not familiar with them, as the lost rivers lie concealed, encased in tunnels or in pipes and run silently beneath the surface of the city. These are the names of the rivers in order , west to east – Stamford Brook, the Wandle, Counter’s Creek, the Falcoln, the Westbourne, the Tyburn, the Effra, the Fleet, the Walbrook, Neckinger and the Earl’s Sluice, the Peck and Ravensbourne.

The mouth of the River Fleet today, underneath Blackfriars Bridge

Whereismylondon is telling  the story of one of the lost rivers, the Fleet:

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Music: Muse – Feeling Good (cover by Matcooper212)

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Mince pies time

By Polina Vezhan

Christmas traditions are always the tastiest and the most pleasant things you can write about. But what is it in the festive season that has been changed throughout the centuries but still remains an important part of English culture at Christmas time? Where is my London team was delighted to discover delicious mince pies, adored by everyone in the country, including Santa.

Mince pie is a dessert traditionally served in England at Christmas. (more…)

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Angel and Upper Street: From riches to rags, and back again

Photo by Niall McDonald

The history of Angel and Upper Street is intriguing. Despite Islington not being a borough until 1965, the history of the area goes far further back. It was mentioned in the Doomsday book, and the high street was built sometime around the late 1700’s.

The 1900’s have seen the area of Angel and Upper Street in many guises. (more…)

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