The history of Fleet Street with Nigel Roche

By Carlos Martin Tornero

Nigel Roche, head of the St Bride Foundation´s library, takes us on a journey through the history of Fleet Street, the birthplace of the modern newspapers.

Get ready to a time travel of more than 500 years that thanks to Nigel Roche´s wisdom will only take us a brief while.

“We don´t have newspapers as we understand them before about 1620. In the rest of the eighteenth century, the newspapers grow and grow and they begin a love hate relationship with the government.”

“Governments have never been particularly fond of newspapers. The answer here was to tax the newspapers so heavily that only the rich, who probably support the government, can afford them.”

Listen the interview here

(Music credit: I giorni. By Ludovico Einaudi)

Carlos Martín Tornero

The history of Fleet Street with Nigel Roche, librarian and printer

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